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Dr. Serge AHOUANSOU is a sought after prophet of the end time, with an exceptional prophetic anointing. He teaches and preaches the word of God with passion at conferences, seminars and conventions both in Africa and Overseas to heal broken hearts, free the captives and save lost souls.

He is the founder of MIPARE (International Ministry of the Revealed Word), a fast growing ministry that is characterized with miraculous signs and wonders; whose headquarter is in Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

Prophet Serge earned a Diploma in Bible Divinity from EPEM Bible College (Cotonou) and an honorary Doctorate from My Life Bible College (USA) in recognition of his work in the vineyard of the Lord and his immense contribution to the advancement of the kingdom of God.  He recently attained his Diploma of Biblical Studies from the Institute of Biblical Training (EMMAUS).